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What's The Best Belt Sander?

Photo Belt Sander Review Weight Price Rating
Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-Inch-by-24-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag Read Review 15.4 pounds $$$ 5.0
Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag Read Review 9.5 pounds $$$ 4.8
PORTER-CABLE 352VS 8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable-Speed Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag Read Review 10.8 pounds $$ 4.7
PORTER-CABLE 371K 2 1/2 by 14-Inch Compact Belt Sander Kit Read Review 6 pounds $$ 4.6


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Belt sanders have a lever system that holds the sanding belt in position. When the bar is turned one way, the resisting ends of the sheave system come to each other a small amount, enabling the belt to slip over them with ease. The bar is after that pushed back the other way and also both ends of the pulley system return to their initial placements, pressing out against the belt and locking it in place.

The most effective belt sanders are capable of sanding a wide range of products, consisting of soft timbers like ache and also birch; harder woods like maple or hickory; as well as steels like steel and light weight aluminum. Belts are available in all degrees of coarseness, meaning the tool can take merely a little material away with each pass or can gouge away fairly aggressively.


Makita 9403 Handheld electrical belt sanders are one of the most common. They are called electric or corded because they connect directly right into a wall surface outlet. A handheld electrical belt sander will certainly have an electrical motor in the area of 6 to ten amps.

The very best belt sanders are "variable-speed", meaning the customer could control the power being created by the electric motor. This is an essential function for someone that plans to make use of a belt sander on a selection of various timbers and materials. Running a complete twelve amp motor on balsa wood would eat the fabric up in a heart beat. On the other hand, sand bois d'arc posts with a measly six amp sander might take for life. A powerful belt sander with variable rate control could take care of either scenario effortlessly.

An advantage of handheld electrical belt sanders is the continuous source of power. There is never ever any sort of worry regarding batteries running low. However, being corded methods expansion cables are needed to reach the workspace.

Doorperson Wire is among the leading manufacturers of portable electrical belt sanders. Their design 362V is the most effective on the market, for DIYers or professional service providers. This tool has a 12 amp motor, variable speed adjustment, a dirt collection bag, and an open nose for sanding flush against perpendicular areas. The 4"x24" sanding area makes it simple to rip via huge jobs in no time.


Portable cordless belt sandersThe distinction in between the two type of sanders, of course, is the power supply. Cordless sanders have a battery (numerous types are readily available) and also call for reenergizing. Corded sanders connect into the wall.

Cordless sanders are just suitable for light usage. Sanding requires a great deal of power, so cordless sanders will drain their batteries rather quickly. For some models, the battery life could not be greater than fifteen or twenty mins. Also the most effective batteries will not hold out more than fifty or sixty mins.

Choosing a cordless belt sander with the best kind of battery will assist expand the battery life. Nowadays, most cordless tools use lithium ion batteries. These are the most effective readily available since they reenergize swiftly as well as do not have a "memory". A battery accompanying "memory" will gradually shed its ability to recharge fully over time. NiCad batteries, which used to be the criterion for power devices, are an instance of batteries with "memory". While NiCad systems are still readily available, usually they must be prevented as a result of the low quality of the battery.

The power of a cordless belt sander is established by the voltage rating of the battery system. Typical battery scores are 9v, 12v, 14v, 18v, and also 21v. A belt sander operating on a system listed below 18v will certainly not be powerful sufficient for a lot of usages as well as will pass away extremely quickly. For cordless choices, the very best belt sanders will utilize a battery system with an 18v or 21v rating.

Regarding the only business that makes cordless belt sanders is Metabo. Their RB18 model is a belt sander particularly designed for sanding completions of pipelines before connecting them with each other. It's a quite functional device that could be utilized for carpentry as well as woodworking, even if that's not the intended function. It supplies a number of various surfaces to sand accompanying as well as the head could be revolved for hard-to-reach places.


Table-mounted belt sandersTable-mounted belt sanders, likewise called fixed or bench belt sanders, are a very various beast than the portable devices. They look extremely various, utilize various belts, and also are used for a quite different collection of tasks. Fixed sanders have the device placed on a table with four legs or a brief bench.

Table-mounted belt sanders have little, slim belts, in contrast to the vast belts utilized on handheld variations. Many models utilize belts that are between one as well as 2 inches vast. The belts are much longer, however. It deserves pointing out that some higher-end business and also commercial table-mounted belt sanders do have large belts of 4 or 6 inches or even more.

Stationary belt sanders have a little bench that stays up versus the sanding belt. Individuals can place a workpiece on the bench for more control in presenting the piece to the sanding belt. Accompanying a stationary sander, the work surface area is given the sanding belt. Accompanying a handheld system, the sander is brought to the work surface area.


An often overlooked usage of belt sanders is honing metal items. Sanders are utilized usually on timber pieces so many people don't consider utilizing them on metal. Blades, screwdrivers, chisels, centers, hatchets, putty knives, scrapers, saw cutters, and many different steel tools require developing periodically. Really, anything that has an edge has to be developed.

When using a belt sander on steel products is to utilize a zirconium belt (instead of the light weight aluminum oxide belts made use of for timber). These are a lot more effective at removing metal without ruining the belt.

While a belt sander may not attain the razor-sharp edge that a wetstone or strop would, it is excellent for a quick touch up. Just turn the sander over, then hold the device to ensure that the sanding belt is attracting down the face of the cutter. Turn the tool twenty or thirty levels and also slowly introduce the edge to the sanding belt's area. Carefully grind along the whole edge, then flip the device as well as do the opposite side.

One of the coolest ways to make use of a belt sander in a woodworking store is for making rounded corners. Normally, this activity falls to the jig saw or scroll saw. But if the piece is already cut to ninety levels, simply hold the belt sander on the edge up until it grinds the edge to two forty-five level edges. Then shake the belt sander backward and forward as well as you're left with a flawlessly rounded edge.

Even better, utilize the belt sander for irregular curves or edges. In scenario explained over, you could possibly focus the sander more and more on one part of the corner compared to the different and you 'd be left with an extended contour rather than a best curve.

One of the most important functions of the belt sander is in fitting tenon joints. The tenon has to fit perfectly right into the mortis without wiggle space whatsoever. You'll find that the belt sander rapidly becomes part of the routine for tenon construction. Cut the tenon a mote larger than required-- hold the saw to the outside of your pencil mark rather than the in. Try the fit. If the tenon is as well big, merely hold that side versus the belt sander for a second or two, as opposed to using a saw and risking excessive elimination (which takes place maddeningly frequently).

The Makita 9403
The Makita 9403 has the standard, blocky style like the majority of belt sanders. A gun grasp take care of is located on the former of the tool with a trigger operation button. This gun grip take care of has a familiar procedure system (press the trigger) and makes for a comfy place to rest your hand. The slanted angle implies the customer could transfer a little bodyweight onto the tool, both for using stress to the work item and also reducing customer tiredness.

The 9403 has one more take care of on the front end of the belt sander for the different hand. The 9403 is a little lacking below, though. While several sanders have a large, padded manage on the front, the 9403 primarily has a tiny knob. It's not actually adequate area to sit one's hand. Better off positioning the hand on top of the motor.
For benefit, the dust collection bag on the 9403 could be revolved 360 levels. This attribute makes it simple to maintain it off the beaten track in tight rooms.
The 9403 has Makita's most powerful belt sander motor.

The Makita 9903
The Makita 9903 has a really traditional, blocky belt sander style. Like most portable belt sanders, the 9903 is operated by a trigger grip for the right-hand man. The gun grip style integrates easy usage accompanying a comfortable, ergonomic resting location for long periods of usage. It additionally has a basic ahead grip for the different hand. However, the 9903's forward hold is primarily a narrow nub on the front end. It might stand to be around two times as broad for maximum convenience. The individual could sit his hand flat on the top of the sander if need be.

The 9903 has Makita's most powerful belt sander electric motor. It's 8.8 amps sits solidly toward the upper end of the variety of belt sander electric motors. Some models get all the way approximately 10 or 12 amps, however most versions runs around 5 or 6 amps. The additional power helps push the 9903 over into the office high quality tool category. The 8.8 amp electric motor can power the belt as much as 1,440 square feet each minute. Once more, that is close to optimal performance from a portable sander.

Accompanying the speed control, the user could set the sander on the job piece at a slow setup, after that carefully develop to optimum rate. This is an outright essential for any kind of halfway severe user of a belt sander. Without variable speed control, it is very hard to introduce the sander to a work piece without gouging the surface area.

The variable speed is additionally beneficial for softer products, like drywall joint compound or balsa wood. In these instances, the slower rates should be made use of simply to avoid burning the fabric up or sanding all the way with.

Porter Cable
Porter Cable is extensively identified as a supplier of high-end tools that hold up against heavy use for several years. Their portable corded tools are extremely searched  because they're sturdy and not expensive. The Portable Cable belt sander is a terrific example of what's made the firm well-known.
A lot of woodworkers make use of aluminum oxide. Also, 100 grit is an unusual coarseness. First round sanding or removing usually utilizes 60 grit belts, after that a 120 grit belt, then a finishing round accompanying 220 grit. Keep the 100 grit zirconium for honing knives.


Sanders kick up a significant quantity of dirt when in use. That makes some type of dust compilation choice a need. On the back of the electric motor is a one-inch port that fires dust into an attached fabric bag.

Also a lot better, the port can swivel 360 ° to maintain it out of the individual's means. The bag is affixed with a simple pinch spring so it can quickly be separated, cleared, and put back on.